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About the Foundation

Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation is a charity foundation - the aim of which is to contribute to a child-friendly hospital and to provide the best possible medical care at the Tallinn Children's Hospital.

The Foundation has been awarded:


Best Foundation of the Year by NENO


Award by UNICEF


Best PR Prize of the Year by EPRA


Mission Award by Aadu Luukas Fund

Tallinn Children's Hospital is the largest children's hospital in Estonia. There are 173 hospital beds and 21 beds for day-care patients.

Nearly 12,000 children a year are treated here, approximately 400 of which are treated in the intensive care department. Nearly 6,000 children are operated a year.

The number of staff at Tallinn Children's Hospital is 797, 130 of them are doctors and 300 nurses.

Main costs are covered by the National Health Insurance Fund, but there is not enough money for purchasing all the necessary medicines and expensive equipment.