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Please help us buy a new robotic exoskeleton
for children with difficulty in walking.


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Childhood is a unique and special life-stage. Fortunately, most children get over childhood illnesses with only minor symptoms of cold and a few cuts. But for those whose lives involve a serious disease, there is the Tallinn Children's Hospital.

Foto: Raigo Pajula

Fighting for the children's lives at the Children's Hospital is a daily routine. While the patients are taken care of by our excellent doctors, there is still a need for new knowledge, medical equipment and medications.

The Tallinn Children's Hospital is the leading children's hospital in Estonia. To guarantee every child the right to healthy life, we need your help.

Every child has the right to be healthy. At the Tallinn Children's Hospital we do eveything to make it happen.

  • Each year we care for the wellbeing of 12,000 patients
  • We help premature newborns weighing less than 1 kg, who are small enough to fit within the palm of your hand, to survive
  • We heal abnormal developments, treat cancer and severe burns on little bodies
  • We use daily treatment methods which were concidered science fiction only 20 years ago
  • The therapy methods used today have an enormous effect on children's lives
  • Your support has contributed to making treatments for children less painful, to raising the survival rate, to the reduction of the number of days the children have to stay at the Hospital.
  • Your support helps us to buy life saving medical equipment and to improve the staying conditions at the Hospital; your support allows us to hire the best doctors and nurses in Estonia.

Your donation makes a difference!