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Corporate Social Responsibility

A lot of companies make donations for the benefit of their community simply because it feels right. They get satisfaction from giving and being involved. They have also noticed that charity raises corporate profits - business can be successful by doing good.

The main factors of charity that help to make profits are: 

  • a competitive advantage in finding employees and maintaining them
  • closer relationships with important people in the community
  • high consumer loyalty
  • increased awareness of the reputation and brand of the company
  • improved image in the community
  • profitable relationships with civil society organizations
  • goodwill reserve in the community which may prove helpful for the company at the times of crisis
  • improved communication and a shared sense of task within the company itself
  • healthier, more vibrant and economically strong community

Here are some examples of positive impact of philanthropy on corporate reputation:

  • 44% of European consumers are willing to pay more for products that are environment friendly, or related to social responsibility and charity
  • 80% of consumers believe that companies have an obligation to contribute to local life
  • 87% of corporate employees involved in charity programmes are more loyal to their employers
  • 80% of companies involved in charity programmes are easily remembered by the public
  • 90% of consumers believe that during economic recession the companies must continue contributing to charity

How can you help?

Organize events/activities for your clients /partners /staff by the revenues of which you can support those in need:
 - The company's birthday celebrations
 - Lottery
 - Auction
 - Sport Event
 - Concert
 - Gala Evening

Certainly there are many other ways. If you have decided to support the Tallinn Children's Hospital, please feel free to contact the Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation – we will support you in carrying out a good initiative.